The longest limousine in Africa

Limousine Extreme saw that there was a need for a limousine that could fit more than just a rugby team and we weren’t joking when we say bigger than a rugby team. This limousine is a 16 seater stretch limousine, but not just any type of normal limousine. This is a Hummer H2 stretch limousine best known as the BEAST! We thinking of calling it the Big Daddy now.

It has been under construction since 26th May 2014 and should be ready by the end of this year just in time for the December celebrations and holidays.
Next week The Beast will be going in for body work and then painting. Once this is all done we can start with the interior. Pictures will follow soon.

It is a very exciting process and we will be having a launch party for this massive Hummer Limousine!

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jetdoor photo 2 under construction