When someone tells you that you brought a smile to someone’s face merely by letting them get behind the wheel of one of your cars, it truly is a heart-warming delight. In this case, the smile belonged to a car enthusiast named Jason McBryne.

Jason has an interesting story, at the age of 3 months, Jason was diagnosed as a Deaf Spastic Hemiplegic, with multiple life-altering problems. From a young age, Jason showed a keen interest in all things sports related, however as his muscles became weaker he was no longer able to participate. Losing all confidence in his ability to walk, he now often makes use of a wheelchair.

When Jason was 17 his dad, Alistair, taught him to drive an automatic car, but sadly Jason will never be able to obtain a driver’s license due to his disabilities. Jason’s father has always made sure to keep the keep Jason’s zest for life alive, by frequently taking him to car dealerships to test drive new cars and letting him watch car shows on TV.


Since they’ve run out of places to test drive cars, Alistair channels Jason’s enthusiasm by taking him to any and all car shows around the Western Cape. This particular Saturday saw Jason and Alistair going to the Youngsfield Car Show in Wetton, where Limousine Extreme’s cars were on display. One of our employees, Patrick Kensley, who was looking after the cars at the event that day, saw the excitement in Jason’s face while viewing the car and invited Jason to take a seat behind the driver’s wheel. Being a car fanatic, Jason was utterly thrilled and his father was especially pleased to see his son enjoying his day. Patrick later commented, “his facial expressions did all the talking. It was an honour to have met this kid.” Alistair kept in contact with Patrick, sharing his appreciation toward the opportunity. “The photo of him in the car says a thousand words. When he got home, everyone had to be told about this vehicle he was privileged to sit in.”

Nothing is more gratifying than this moment for the Limousine Extreme team, to bring joy to a family’s life. Jason we hope you always keep a keen interest in cars and a wonderful smile on your face.