In Observatory there is a special home for the Aged known as Arcadia Place which is run by the Cape Peninsula Organisation. It is divided into two annexes, one for the Frail Care and one for the independent.

Limousine Extreme was approached and asked to be involved with helping to collect donations for this little Old Age community. And of course we said yes! This is how it works:

Income in the Home is as Follows:

Residents pay board and lodging.

The Government allocate subsidies to all low income residents.

R300 is allocated per person but the subsidy is higher for very frail residents.

Expense is for food and cleaning of the home to an outsourced company.

Maintenance expenses are extremely high, they don’t receive a rebate for electricity and water. Therefore have a deficit on their budget.

Needs in the Home:

  1. A flat screen TV set for the Frail Care Annex
  2. A new set of table clothes for the dining room
  3. A few benches for the garden

Residents Needs:

  1. They enjoy going on bus outings
  2. Toiletries are always welcome
  3. The residents are grateful for any gifts or kindness shown to them
  4. The home arrange concerts and entertainment from time to time
  5. Some entertainers charge a fee and some perform free of charge

Limousine Extreme would like to challenge you to contribute whatever you are able too, to these lovely old frail grannys and grandads. And to make this even more exciting we will be running a competition for each and every person who donates something they must post it on our Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus page and your name will go into our lucky draw to WIN a free Hummer Limousine ride with bubbly on ice. Don’t forget to use the Hashtag: #LEarcadiaplace

Remember it is the small things that count the most!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. You may apply as many times as you want.
  2. Hummer limousine prize is to be within the Cape Metropole area.
  3. No hate speech or discrimination is allowed.
  4. We want lovers not haters applying and people with a loving and giving heart.
  5. If you want to make sure this is a legit Frail Care please see the website: