Robyn van Rooyen was always a dreamer and aspired to be a famous singer despite the ups and downs with her health.

Reach for a Dream is a non profit organisation that help encourage children to use their dreams to fight life threatening illness’s. They approached Robyn and decided they want to make her dream come true.

Robyn has been singing for a while now and already has a few videos up on YouTube

for viewing. She sings like an angel and for someone who has gone through the pain of having Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, she pulled through with the help of family, friends and Reach For a Dream. Robyn is now in remission from Osteosarcoma for a year already. Currently she is receiving treatment for tumors in her lungs.

While Robyn was in hospital she wrote a “Thank you” song as an expression of gratitude to all the people who helped her through her initial diagnosis. And now Reach For A Dream and some friends came together to help make this song materialize into a CD.

Heidi Rowley, branch manager at Reach For A Dream, contacted Limousine Extreme and together we decided to help make Robyn’s dream come true with our Pink Limousine. Robyn and her family were collected in the Pink Limousine and chauffeured to a surprise cocktail evening at Crystal Towers where Robyn’s CD would be played for the first time.

The event was a great success as Heidi says below:

“Dear Vivienne and all at Limousine Extreme,

Wow! What an evening! I am so overwhelmed by the generosity of spirit of people who walk our Reach For A Dream journey with us!! Vivienne, you bring so much more than just service – the extra little touches and your vested interest and involvement are so credible – thank you for sharing the special moments with us as well as the special gifts you so generously gave. We are so grateful to you for your wonderful support and for helping us to make dreams come true!”

 With our most sincere appreciation! – Heidi Rowley 

“Reach For A Dream enriches children’s lives by making dreams come true and as a result, distracting them from the needles, medication and hospital environment. These young children are under extreme pressure to deal with these medical issues and are in desperate need of our encouragement. In addition, Reach For A Dream offers the child a magical moment to regain their childhood that is being lost to an illness.

Pink Limousine

Robyn Van Rooyen-Pink Limousine

Limousine Extreme

Vivienne Van Der Schuur- Professional Chauffeur