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Giving leads to Gratitude

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In Observatory there is a special home for the Aged known as Arcadia Place which is run by the Cape Peninsula Organisation. It is divided into two annexes, one for the Frail Care and one for the independent.

Limousine Extreme was approached and asked to be involved with helping to collect donations for this little Old Age community. And of course we said yes! This is how it works:

Income in the Home is as Follows:

Residents pay board and lodging.

The Government allocate subsidies to all low income residents.

R300 is allocated per person but the subsidy […]

Pink Extravaganza

Shimmy Nights

Limousine Extreme launched the first Pink Limousine in Cape Town, 26 July 2014. Our Mercedes stretch limousine undertook a whole new makeover from being spray painted to a hot pink to having disco floor lighting installed, it was a definite winner! This new look captured the crowds and eyes were locked on this glamorous pink.

I decided the best place to launch this beauty would be at Shimmy Beach Club in the Waterfront. Jody De Chazal De Chameral, events and brand manager at Shimmy, helped myself, Keira Russon, and Taryn Esterhuizen, organise this event to launch the Pink Limousine. As […]

The Largest Hummer Limousine Fleet in South Africa

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Hire A Hummer H2 Hummer Limo Hire in South Africa - The Beast

We are the Largest Hummer Limo Fleet in South Africa

Limousine Extreme personally owns the largest Hummer Limousine fleet in South Africa.

Located in Cape Town, we offer our services country-wide. View our Limousine Hire Services available […]